The #IUShowcase – The Low-down

The team at IndieUnleashed take great pride in helping to showcase the talents of the Indie Game Development community. In light of this, we’re looking for new projects or soon to be released games to showcase in our #IUShowcase blog.

The #IUShowcase is back!

With the return of the #IUShowcase, we thought we’d spend a short time explaining for some of our newer followers. The #IUShowcase is a initiative designed to showcase the talents of the indie game community. Every week we try to cover some of the fantastic indie games out there, allowing developers to easily submit their content to the showcase. We’re always on the lookout for more fantastic games, so if you’re a developer of a Kick-Ass indie game, why not get in touch.

As said, we love to showcase the incredible talents of the Indie Game community, so we’re always interested in sharing additional information with our growing community. Developers and individuals alike can submit anything from |Feedback to News Pieces,

If at this stage your interested in submitting to the #IUShowcase, or perhaps you’d like some more information, check out the further details…