The team at IndieUnleashed take great pride in helping to showcase the talents of the Indie Game Development community. In light of this we've started the #IUShowcase, an initiative to showcase the incredible talents of game developers, artists and studios.

So what does the #IUShowcase promote? Well, Everything! Are you a developer working on a fantastic new or soon to be released game? Get in touch. Are you a team or studio of developers with a passion for games or services to offer? Get in touch. Have you got some fantastic news to share? You guessed it, get in touch.

We cover everything of interest to the Indie-Game community, so feel free to get in touch and tell us what your working on or share your news.

There's forms available below where you can easily submit information to the team behind the blog, alternatively you can always directly email us at or showcase your content on the forums!

We hope to hear from you all soon!

Whether you are working on a next-gen shooter, a mobile 2D Platformer, or a killer Tabletop game, we want to hear from you!

We started the #IUShowcase blog with the intention of sharing indie games with the world. We have since moved on to showcasing other content, but we will always continue to showcase your games. To have your game included in the #IUShowcase simply fill out the following form and include as much information as possible.

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Whether you are just starting up on your own, or you are part of a bigger team, we want to help spread the word of your studio!

Indie Unleashed has not always been about pushing out articles to help promote InDev games, we want to help get an insight in the minds of the developers, we want to take a virtual tour of your studio, we want to help people understand what it takes to make (or break) a studio.

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Looking for Game Testers? Need feedback on a project? Let us know!

Getting news out to the public can sometimes be difficult for smaller development teams. We want to help! Got a news piece that you would like to share? For whatever reason, maybe your looking for game testers for a project, perhaps you want feedback on a new idea, let us know and we will help to spread the word.

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However, the team here at IndieUnleashed would be ever so grateful for some feedback on our hard work for the community or even suggestions we could implement! Either way, let us know!

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