#IUShowcase – Star Champion (1)

We’re really excited to have the opportunity to cover the upcoming title ‘Star Champion’ by Star Champion games. Star Champion is a 3D metroidvania, mixing elements of action and adventure with not only dynamic dialogue but a unique story too.

Name of Project/Game: Star Champion

Genre: Action Adventure

Developer: Star Champion Games

Platforms: PC

Release Date: September 2015


In this story your spaceship has been abducted by illegal scrappers in deep space, and not only did they tear the ship apart they almost did it with you in it! You managed to escape with your life still in tact, but now you will have to fight and find your way out, by going through some of the devious robots of the scrappers. Whilst going through these robots you can pick up upgrades like a gravity manipulation beam, (cool) and a jetpack (sweet). However, you won’t be doing this alone. You are joined by a foul-mouthed AI in a gun you found. Can you survive?


Now the foul mouthed robot instantly reminds me of the always lovable Bender from Futurama, which is hopefully what they would be working towards and hopefully in more footage we can see how it plays out. The visuals are really eye catching and straight away is calling to mind films like Tron and to a lesser extent 2001: A Space Odyssey, with how it doesn’t give you a specific place to look at. Oddly enough it also reminds me of when I used to go to Laser Quest with friends in the pitch black with neon painted environments, always enjoyable, which would have to be a key factor in the game for it to be successful.


I am really hopeful for this game and look forward to how this pans out in the end, for anyone interested in the game at all, go ahead and follow the guys on Twitter to get regular updates on how the games is going. The game is released in September, and it’s called Star Champion. So for the love of indies go check it out!

For anyone interested go down to the bottom to listen to snippets of the soundtrack to Star Champion.