#IUShowcase | Membrane!



Touch and swipe on blocks to move them left or right, and let gravity do the rest.  The familiar match-3 puzzle mechanic is taken to a unique level when coloured membranes are added to the mix – these membranes will prevent blocks of the same colour from passing through them, making aligning blocks and beating levels an interesting cognitive challenge.

Name of Project/Game: Membrane

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Michael Stephens

Platforms: iOS

Release Date: Available Now!


Michael Stephens, the lead programmer from the recently covered ‘Super Sloth‘ Platformer is back to the #IUShowcase with another great project! Membrane, a fantastic project twisting the classic match-three puzzle mechanic with a membrane feature, preventing blocks of the same colour passing through.

W1355006_orige love puzzle games, and we think Michaels done a fantastic job renewing the classic match-three mechanic with some new gameplay twists.

Membrane features 126 levels while also including ‘Game Center’ integration. The game features six different block types including;

  • Normal blocks
  • Reverse blocks – these blocks will fall up, not down, so watch out!
  • Bomb blocks – when matched, these blocks will destroy all surrounding blocks, regardless of color!
  • Horizontal line clear blocks – will destroy all blocks in the same row
  • Vertical line clear blocks – will destroy all blocks in the same column
  • Rainbow blocks – can be used to match blocks of any colour

These are sure to add even more of a twist to the exciting gameplay! We’re excited to keep playing with membrane, it’s a fantastic and well put together project from a proven professional developer.

You can pick up membrane now on the iOS App Store and find out more information at the links below!


 Good luck to Michael with his future projects!



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