IndieUnleashed! We’re Back!


Howdy Indies and Unleashers! It’s us. We were wondering after all this time if you’d like to meet? To go over, everything? It’s been just over six months actually since we last we spoke but hello from the other side of things. You must’ve called a thousand times (Judging by our email inbox) but we were just never home. Anyway, hello again! We’re really sorry for breaking your heart. At least now we can say that we’ve tried to say we’re sorry. Probably doesn’t matter, you never missed us anyway!

(Okay I’m done with that)

Hello everyone, it has indeed been an age since we were last here…..(someone forgot the password). We’re back now, with an unbelievable urge to get back to things and get back to showcasing all your fantastic indie games! The last six months have been incredibly busy for the team, new jobs, hard work, procreating and what not, but coming 2016 I hope we can bring back a little of what we had. A growing community showcasing fantastic games, fantastic news stories and fantastic indie developers. We’ve got big big plans for the future, but we’re keeping quite tight lipped about that one for now.

In the mean time, let’s kick this off right! We’ve got a full inbox to reply too but as always we want to hear from you, the awesome Indie community! Whether your’re working on a new game, maybe you’ve just released one, we want to hear about it! If you’ve got some gossip to share, get in touch! We won’t tell anyone 😉 Know of or part of an awesome indie team? Let’s hear from you!

We’ll be making a few changes over the coming weeks as we enter 2016 but we’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop before any of that. In the mean time, keep your stories, news, games and gossip coming in!

IU Team. x