IndieUnleashed! We’re Back!

Howdy Indies and Unleashers! It’s us. We were wondering after all this time if you’d like to meet? To go over, everything? It’s been just over six months actually since we last we spoke but hello from the other side of things. You must’ve called a thousand times (Judging by our email inbox) but we were just never home. Anyway,…

Welcome to ‘Project IUON’

We’re working on something so unbelievably awesome we want to just¬†tell everyone about it….but we can’t just yet ūüôĀ Until a stage when we can, enjoy this mysterious , obscure and non-informative post!  


We’re currently trialing a new addition to the IndieUnleashed website, the #IUGameTalent job board. We’ve added an incredibly simple but potentially powerful tool for developers or web designers like Jack Webster in Stafford to post or find work.

War For the Overworld

Today marks the beginning of a new era.. By that we mean, we’ve got a new recruit on board the team. His name you ask? Phil. Phil likes to go by the name of ‘SubtleStrife‘ on all forms of social media. Head over to his YouTube profile and subscribe. Give his videos a watch too! They’re definitely worth a watch…

IndieUnleashed – The State of the…The thing we do

In light of our recent slow-down, we felt it was only right of us to explain what exactly’s been happening behind the scenes here at IndieUnleashed. As everyone’s undoubtedly noticed, we’ve had a complete slow-down of publications over the past few weeks. The simple answer to “Why?” is that…well…we’ve been expanding! Not the answer that one would expect from the…

#IUShowcase – Star Champion

We’re really excited to have the opportunity to cover the upcoming title¬†‘Star Champion’ by Star Champion games. Star Champion is¬†a 3D metroidvania, mixing elements of action and adventure with not only dynamic dialogue but a unique story too.

The #IUShowcase – The Low-down

The team at IndieUnleashed take great pride in helping to showcase the talents of the Indie Game Development community. In light of this, we‚Äôre looking for new projects or soon to be released games to showcase in our #IUShowcase blog. The¬†#IUShowcase¬†is back! With the return of the #IUShowcase, we thought we’d spend a short time¬†explaining for some of our newer…

#IUShowcase | Membrane!

Membrane Touch and swipe on blocks to move them left or right, and let gravity do the rest. ¬†The familiar match-3 puzzle mechanic is taken to a unique level when coloured membranes are added to the mix – these membranes will prevent blocks of the same colour from passing through them, making aligning blocks and beating levels an interesting cognitive…